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Faeries For Nature
Katelyn Anton
Lilla Rose
Cara Schwab
Canine Crunchies 
Eyvonne Tidwell

Jayme Bauman 

Montana Fair

Montana Fair sneak a peek! Starts at 4pm tonight. Faeries For Nature will have a booth in the Montana Pavilion! Stop by to say hello. I have new items debuting tonight, and items that are going for clearance that are one of a kind.

Strawberry Festival 2017

Join us tomorrow Saturday June 10th 2017, for Billings Annual Strawberry Festival. 

Festivities start a 8 am, ad last until 2 pm. 

Located in the streets of downtown Billings, the Strawberry Festival is a long-time cherished community event that opens the summer season on the second Saturday in June. In the heart of our urban center, experience rich diversity in arts and crafts, fresh produce and strawberries, the scents of food-truck fare from Asian to BBQ , live street entertainment, and a 60′ strawberry shortcake created by the Chefs and Cooks of Montana. With an interactive children’s area including free crafts and activities for all ages, this draws people throughout the northwest region to Downtown Billings under Skypoint at 2nd Ave N. and Broadway.

2017 Montana Renaissance Festival & Highland Games

Gearing up for the 2017 Montana Renaissance Festival & Highland Games!!

Welcome,  Lords and Ladies, to the Montana Renaissance Festival !  Step back to a time when romance and chivalry abound. Enter a magical world where Knights, Lords, Ladies, and Fairies play,  a time where people took pride in their craft and trade. Come thee hence and explore the Renaissance Festival!
The largest event of its kind in this area,the Montana Renaissance Festival  is a time to revel in the atmosphere of a 16th Century European Country Festival. Explore the bustling market place. Mingle and interact with costumed characters and enjoy their endless merriment and mayhem. 
The Festival will host the Knights of Epona in full contact armored jousting tournaments! Watch gallant Knights defend their honor until the last man is left standing!  Cheer your favorite Knight to victory as he competes for his Ladies honor in this thrilling full armored Joust.
The Highland Games returns this year in the Highland Fields. Thrill to incredibly strong men lifting , carrying, and throwing incredibly heavy things!
Renew your vows or be joined in matrimony by Priestess Wendy in our beautiful Sensory Gardens with the King and Queen presiding!
The lanes are bustling with story tellers, musicians, singers, dancers, and villagers welcoming you to a festive day of living history. The air is filled with the scents and smells of foods from the Renaissance period. Feast like Royalty on juicy roasted turkey legs, royal Scottish eggs, steak on a stake, and more! Visit one of our pubs and quench thy thirst with a flagon of ale or a goblet of the King’s own mead!
Sit back and enjoy belly dancers, sword swallowers, aerial acrobats, and other performers on three separate stages! On the main stage and throughout Billingshire there are bards,jesters, sword fighters, wizards, poets and those who will provide merriment for all ages! Beware of raiding barbarians!
The royal beastiary will be open so be sure to visit all the beasts of the kingdom!
Faire times are from 10am – 6pm Saturday, 10am – 4 pm Sunday

Happy Easter/Happy Ishtar

Happy Easter & Happy Ishtar! hope everyone has a blessed and safe holiday. (Credit Disney for the photo)

Billings Depot

Join us tonight at the Billings Depot! Show opens at 5pm, ends at 11pm!

Raffles, fun, performances, concert & so much more!!

I will be doing my first bubble show of the season! I will also have a booth set up, with jewelry and dragon eggs!

More than a concert, more than a birthday party, more than you can imagine! Family friendly concert of GALACTIC proportions!
Aerialists, performers, and so much more! With our local favorite band, SATSANG, on tour for the year, this will be their only Billings appearance! music for the soul!
This event is for all ages, including Lego car races, face-paint and all kinds of food, raffles, vendors and goodies. ALL SPACE THEME, ALL AGES! only $10 for the most memorable night of the year, kids 12 and under free!

Dragon Eggs

I have made dragon eggs for a very long time, but have spent since 2012 to present polishing my jewelry skills. Recently I have had the chance to get back to making dragon eggs again. These will be new to my Etsy shop, Scott's Marketplace shop too, they will also be available for custom ordering, you will be able to purchase these from me at local events too. Here is a sample of the eggs I have been working on lately.

 Finished Large green egg has over 1250 scales.

These eight need one last coat of paint, and then lacquer.

This egg has 300 scales. Needs one last coat of paint, and then lacquer.

This is a mint green egg with sparkles, it is completed. 

 I went with bold pastel color choices for these two. With a beautiful satin gloss for extra shine.

These three are part of my glitter metallic line! Bold color choices with     glitter and gloss for a shimmer and shine!