Festive Holiday Treats

Here are some festive holiday treats you can share with family and friends while celebrating the holidays this year. Make it a family activity, or competition. You can also out and do this as an activity for girl scouts or at anywhere you volunteer.

Here is what you will need to get started!

Your favor flavor of cake mix. Homemade or box.

Your favorite apple.

Your favorite frosting. Homemade or other.


Caramel pre-made or homemade.

Sticks, cupcake liners, reflective paper, decorating tools, and toppers.

Follow the baking instructions for the cake, and then decorate!

Big Sky Reptile Expo July 2018

This years Big Sky Reptile Expo was a blast! It was a pleasure attending the Reptile Expo as a vendor I enjoy the event every time we go! The event brought in 3,000 adults and children! It was held in Billings Montana, Saturday July 21st, and at the Montana Grand Ballroom, hosted by James Dvorak, of Big Sky Reptiles. The event brings in both public and private breeders, as well as several local businesses from around Montana. Kids and adults alike enjoy coming to this annual event. As this event many different breeds of reptiles can be found such as all breeds of snakes, lizards, bearded dragons, turtles, salamanders, spiders, crickets. praying mantis, not to mention all types of items for their living space and so much more! Many of the breeders like to hold education sessions teaching about different species, their habitat, & more. Most people love getting the chance to have hands on time with the different reptiles.

Here are some picture of the local business, vendors, and breeders that attended this show.

Meaningful Donations

Every so often I love to make donations. Not meaningless ones either. When I donate something I want to make a difference. So I wanted to share this information with everyone.

Books: You can donate them to your local pizza hut for their lending library, they are looking to get kids to read which I think is fantastic.

In Billings, Mt we have a program called Reading Rocks. They read to kids, and let them pick out free books. So Please support them!

Clothing: I love donating to Dress for Success its a program for women. Getting them back into the work force.

Household Supplies: Habitat for humanity is an amazing program. They do fantastic work in the community.

Old Cell phones: Can always been donated to shelters for emergencies because 911 always works.

Local Animal Shelters: Shelters never turn down animal food, supplies, toys, kennels act, and you can volunteer.

Anime Bash 2018

This year was Billings, Montana's first ever Anime Bash 2018! It was quite the event like Billings, had never seen the likes of, it was definitely the largest type of it's kind Billings has seen.. There were seven vendors, and said to be 500 attendees. This event wasn't just for anime otaku's. Among the attendees were pop culture fans, Disney lovers, and fans of all range of types of video games. This event was hosted at Billings Red Lion Hotel, by host James of Silver Storm Creations.

At this event were many different things to do such as, enjoy the long variety playlist, and DJ, raffles offering items such as keyblades, dragon eggs, swords, dragon balls, gift cards ect, even more items were offered as prizes for the Cosplay contests. Live player chess event played with people was one of the many events to attend or watch. There were video game consoles with the latest games to check out, groups with card and board games. You could have henna done on your body, or a shirt of custom cup or wine glass made for you. You could learn how to make your own Cosplay costuming. Of course there was much shopping to be done!

Here are some pictures from the attendees & vendors.

OokiiSoraCon 2018

OokiiSoraCon 2018 was the first year for launching. Which translates to Big Sky Convention in Japanese. It is the largest anime & pop-culture convention in Helena Montana, formerly known as Nagu Con. In attendance guesstimating for 800 attendees and 50 artists, & vendors. There were many different fun filled events such as, panels, costume contests, AMV contest, anime viewings, a game room,  and a ton of different things to do for any age. It lasted three days, Friday through Sunday.  Here is a collection of pictures from those whom attended both as artists, vendors and attendees. Attendees, artists, and vendors came from all over the united states to attend.