Fun & Healthier Frozen Yogurt Pops

 What you'll need
 Wooden spoons, for handles
 Black ballpoint pen
 Single-serving yogurt, pink is best (look for healthy yogurt options made with real fruit and low sugar) 
 Mini-marshmallows, for eyes 
 Mini-chocolate chips 
 Red fruit leather, cut into 1/4" squares (choose all natural fruit leather, natural food stores have healthy, low-sugar options) 
 Tin foil 

 How to make it
 Use a black ballpoint pen to create the "design you want," being careful to write only on the part of the stick that will be exposed.

 For the yogurt pops, press two mini chocolate chips into two mini marshmallows, for eyes.

 Remove foil cover from yogurt and press a fruit leather square into the yogurt.

 Push two marshmallow eyes into yogurt below the fruit leather.

 Press the wooden spoon "pop sickle stick" into the yogurt below the eyes -- this is the mouth.

 Cover the yogurt with tinfoil, and freeze overnight.

 When frozen, slide the frozen yogurt pops out of their containers and enjoy!

 Serving tip: If you are serving to a crowd, create wrappers using wax paper, as shown -- it keeps the pops from getting too messy. They are an adorable birthday party snack!

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