How to Make your own Faerie Friends

1. Start with one pipe cleaner bent in half for the main body and legs.

... 2. Then, HALF of a pipe cleaner to be the arms.
You can use one color of pipe cleaner or mix and match.

3. You'll need some yarn for the hair (or embroidery floss).

4. Wooden bead for the head.

5. Three more little beads (pony bead or wooden)
2 will be the "shirt" 1 will be the "undies".

6. Silk flower petals for the skirt. (from a disassembled flower)
or silk leaves (just cut a small slit in the center)

7. Sharpies to add face details (be careful with the wood grain!)

Bend the big pipe cleaner over the yarn hair and give it one small twist/pinch.

Thread on the bigger wooden bead as the head
(so the hair is coming out like a big crazy yarn sprout!)
Twist the "half" pipe cleaner around the body to make some arms.

Now, bend the "arms" in toward the body and twist so the hands are two little hoops.

Slide on the two "shirt" beads.

Now, thread on the "skirt" flower petals, add one more pony bead as "undies"
Finally, bend the two legs back up toward the body
and twist to create little "hoop" feet (like the hands)
Draw on a little face with sharpies and you're ready to play!

Happy Faerie Friend Making!

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