Meet ARAartistic creations

It is my honor, and my greatest pleasure to welcome, a very great and talented friend of mine, ARAartistic creations, the empowerment, and talent, and raw beauty they bring to their creations bring tears to ones eyes, to have such amazing pieces in your home will brings smiles for years to come to both young and old.

 ARAartistic creations, has prepared a introduction for us, please give them a warm welcome.

 I have been drawing and painting since I was very young and am still self taught. I began sculpting with polymer clay in 2012 and have opened an Etsy shop to fulfill my dream of selling my art somewhere. I enjoy working in the realms of nature as well as fantasy. My imagination is limitless and I will always be creating new things in many different mediums. I enjoy a very simple loner kind of life where my art can flourish and my mind can wander 

 I am born and raised in the Seattle Washington area. The beautiful forests around the Pacific NW is where you can usually find me, getting inspiration from nature and all its wonders.

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