Meet My Royal Cloak Maker

Meet My Royal Cloak Maker, she has prepared an introduction for us, as well as a photo of her wares

 Hi my name is Stacie Martel, I am the owner of Custom capes. I started this business about a year ago around my general area. It started out one day from complete boredom, I made my first cape for myself from some fabric that was giving to me. From there I started to get people that liked what I did and wanted their own. From there I have spent countless hours trying to prefect my work. Even now today I am always trying to find a better way or a way to take a my product to the next level. I decided about 2 months ago to put company online, and I have grown since than. I like to think I offer something more than the competition, I allow my customer to decide what they would like for their cape. The color, style and fabric is all up to what you desire to meet your needs. Now with the new growth I am expanding into other areas such as making robes. No job is too big to try to do, but if I do not think I can do it than I will let you know what I can do.

 A little about me I feel I owe everything I have in skills to my grandmother, at 3 years old she put a needle and a piece of fabric in my hands and told me that sewing was one skill always needed. Later in life she showed me how to use the sewing machine and it was on from there. Most of my teen years all the clothes I wore were my own design. I come from a crafting family spent many years living weekends at craft fairs and during the week doing the crafts them self. I have been very driving all my life but decided that I want to evidently break away from the 9 to 5 world and get back to my roots.

 I do not have all the capes that I have done displayed on my site my old computer crashed which I lost a lot of my pictures but I am building them up again. Every cape completed will be put on the site for others to see (hope people don't mind).

 Have a great day and thank you for taken the time to read this and check me out!

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