Meet Our Sea Creature & History Expert Miss Stevie Pagano

I would like to welcome an introduction from friend and artist Stevie Pagan, She is an expert on Sea Creatures, and when traveling the Ocean Floors I always get my 411 from her, she is talented, and knows her Sea History!!! She pas prepared an introduction for us

 As a child I loved the old renderings of nautical maps and sea monsters,
 much time was spent imagining what lye in the depths. I was fascinated
 by the creatures of the deep and the geography of the sea floor.
 Some years later I discovered Mythology and a great love of history and lore took hold.
 Strange creatures, monsters and tightens filled my imagination.
 I have worked as a production artist for the film & entertainment industries for 17 years.
 This is where I honed my craft and learned the techniques and materials I still use today.

 While diving in Maui I met my first octopus. I was fascinated by the fluidity with which it moved
 and the swiftness with which it changed its appearance and demeanor was astounding.
 Octopi are intelligent and strong, this one seemed to have territorial issues.
 I may have been slightly larger than he was but that didn't mater to this cephalopod.
 It was me who retreated with a new respect for mollusks and quite inspired.

 In 2010 I took a few dozen Kraken Flasks, to a pirate fair and came home with no Krakens and much booty.
 Once I had made enough new Krakens to open the Elstwhen shoppe, I set about writing their lore.
 So far their are 3 known spices of Kraken, the Silkys, who are of foul temperament,
 the Basaltys, who are extremely venomous and the Sea Fires, who are the most widespread
 and likely the source of the first Kraken legends.
 Each Kraken has its own story of how it was found or captured, some of which are to be featured in a book I am working on.

 Occasionally I like to make crowns and wands when the inspiration occurs, you never know when a piece might "speak" to you
 and want to be a part of something else. As an independent artist, I have learned to just let some works evolve.
 I love what I do and am grateful to have had the inspirations and experiences to create Elstwhen.
 The Elstwhen shoppe is on Etsy at
 My online portfolio is

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