Happy Midsummer Solstice

Happy Midsummer everyone!

Midsummers eve, or the Summer Solstice, is the longest day of the year which marks the first day of summer. This is the time of year when nature is most active and the Earth is full of life. It is said that on this magical night the fabric between the worlds is at it’s thinnest and fairies are expected to perform their mischief.

It is a festival of light, warmth, where everyone can be together, share in festivities, and great food and fun. To celebrate the new season coming forth.

Some lore is said that on this day the sun never sets, so it is both day and night in some parts of the world. Midsummer, or the Summer Solstice, is celebrated in many parts of the world

Happy Midsummer Solstice Everyone, look for the faeries tonight~ Queen Rose

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