Meet Lynsey Our Tinker Faerie

It is my pleasure to introduce my friend and tinker Faerie Lynsey, she is very talented, and spends her time making unique faerie houses, she has prepared an introduction for us.

Here is a little description of me and my inspirations:

My name is Lynsey and I live in Beautiful, Mystic Cornwall, the most South Westerly County in England UK.

I work in Ceramics and have been doing this for a while now. I love working in clay as it is a natural product and comes from the earth.

I started Awen Alive with my Husband in 2008, we are a pagan and Fairy inspired Pottery and Website, selling at Fairs and all over the world.

Our creations can be found on our website:

I have had connections with the Fairy Folk all of my life, and the woods and forests are where I feel closest to them.

I want my Fairy Houses to look like something you would stumble upon whilst on a walk through a magical forest. All my Fairy Houses are of a woodland theme, and are Tree Stumps that have been occupied by the Fairy Folk!

I make a range of homes from Starter Homes for first time Fairy buyers up to woodland mansions for the more discerning Fairy.

I take my inspiration from the area I live in, I walk for many hours in the beautiful Woodlands around me and sit and listen to the quiet elemental voices of the Fairies who dwell in the surroundings, as they tell me what they want in each of their homes which I create.

I really hope you like my creations!

Brightest Blessings


I have added some piccies below, you can use which ever ones you like (I added one of me looking more like a faery!)

Some of the larger houses are commissions I have made for people...which is something I love doing!

Again, I am so pleased that you like my work.....and thanks so much for this!

Love and Light

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