Montana RenFest!!

I am so excited for the Montana Renfest!!! I cannot wait to see everyone, and be a part of such a wonderful event, that donates their funds to the wildlife at the zoo, Not many know that Zoo Montana is more of a wildlife reserve than a zoo, they rehabilitate the animals, and nurse them back to health, then set them free again if possible, what a wonderful cause to be a part of!!!

 This year is going to be extra special because I am awarding wings to the pixies, so come on down to get your wings on Saturday in the Sensory Garden at 4pm.

 I am also giving out faerie dust, smiles, hugs, dances, for anyone whom wishes to enjoy.

 I will be story time, and a coloring contest as well.

 I will have a booth set up in the Sensory Garden, where you can come and see me, for shiny jewels, necklaces, earrings, wands, flower garlands, each day I will have a secret word that will get you $ 5 off one or more items. I will have plenty local, and non- local human, and creature helpers you can have fun with. My booth will be called Faeries For Nature, In fact, my banner just showed up as I was typing this out just now, funny how things happen, how you need them, not how you would like them too tee hee hee.

 I will wandering around, giving out faerie blessings, and dancing with people, as well as I will be in all of the Royal Procession Parades. I cannot express my excitement enough for this!! This is going to be such a positive wonderful experience for everyone who joins in!! ~ Queen Rose

 I will be showing both, my faerie, and mermaid heritage this year!!! So look for me at the waterfall, as well as the dunk tank!!!!

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