Whimsical Mason Jars

Whimsical Mason jars lighting the path. Would be beautiful for a Wedding receptions or Parties or a faery Garden and much more or even a nice night light

  How to make :
 You need a Jar Glass or Plastic thats up to you
 Mod podge also called Decoupage or white glue
 Tissue paper ( pick color you want )
 Candle you can go with a flameless candle LED candle or a small Tea Light Candle

  How to make:
 Simply apply Glue / Mod podge on the Jar
 add Tissue paper apply more glue over the tissue paper allow to dry

 Put a candle inside and enjoy

Note from Daw and Vadora is you are using Regular candles do not use plastic it will melt use glass
 use plastic jars if you are using Flameless LED tea lights

I got this picture, and idea as well as sharing it from Confessions of Crafty Witches

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