Meet Beneath Mallorn Trees

It is my pleasure to introduce another brilliant artist, she is beauty, kindness, she is filled with visions of the sparks of life, chasing & capturing all the colors of love, light, all that is has to offer, Steph then takes that, and puts in into her unique creations. She has prepared an introduction for us.

My name is Stef, and I live in Pennsylvania.  I've loved jewelry all my life, and have always had a thing for making my own.  It was only recently, though, that I realized I wanted to be a jeweler as my profession.  It took hours of looking at engagement rings fruitlessly for me to finally determine that I wasn't going to find the perfect ring, I had to design it myself.  I resigned myself to begin a Jewelry Design and Repair course to learn the art of jewelry making, which I am currently still in the process of.  New items will be added as I master techniques, eventually making my way to fine jewelry, which is where I want to be.

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