Swans Landing Book Series

Shana Norris is the author of the young adult novels The Boyfriend Thief, Troy High, and Something to Blog About, a Book Sense Summer 2008 Children's Pick, which was called "an uplifting and quick read" by Children's Literature. She lives in eastern North Carolina with her husband, two dogs, and five cats. Find her online at shananorris.com

What got me started writing:
I always loved books, even from a very young age. My dad taught me to read really young and so I would carry my Dr. Seuss books everywhere! When I was eight, I started writing down stories and wrote my first picture book called The Lonely Rectangle. After that, I was writing all the time, all kinds of stories in different genres. I knew from the age of 11 that I wanted to be a published author one day.

About the Swans Landing series:
Along the Outer Banks of North Carolina lies a small island that holds secrets as big as the ocean. A race of beings called finfolk walk among the humans, only changing into their mermaid form while swimming. For centuries, the humans and finfolk happily shared the island and the surrounding waters.

But that has changed. Now the humans and finfolk don't get along because of a tragedy that happened sixteen years ago and still haunts the island. Each of the four books in the series is narrated by a different teen who lives on the island and is caught up in the secrets that affect finfolk and humans. I got the idea for the series after a vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina during mid-March. It was so quiet and empty on the islands that I wondered what kind of secrets the locals knew about that tourists didn't get to see during the summer. So from that, I started making up secrets and mysteries that would affect a small group of people on an isolated island. It borrows a lot from Scottish mythology about finfolk, but I've also made up a lot of things myself to fill in the blanks and weave it into the history of the Outer Banks.

Here is a link to the page on my website that has purchase links for all four books: http://www.shananorris.com/surfacing/

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