Elven Leafery

I have a special treat for everyone today Meet Lostariel, she designs exquisite jewelry as well as her own original designs. She has prepared an introduction for us.

 My Elven name is Lostariel. I have been designing and creating a wide variety of jewelry since I was a child. The idea for my Elven Leafery ear cuffs came to me quite out of the blue one day, and I just had to see if it was possible to wreath one’s ear in beautiful leaves and twining wires. I love carefully designing each cuff; coordinating the colors and styles of the leaves, deciding which wires to wrap them with and to, and finally creating the overall finished look. Then I get to search out the perfect Elf to name it after. Elven Leafery is one of my very most favorite creative outlets in life!
 You can see all of the cuffs I currently have for sale here: www.etsy.com/shop/elvenleafery

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