Belda Bracelets

Give a big welcome to my friends at Belda Bracelets, she works so hard, to produce such wonderful shiny lovely objects, and has a big heart, she has prepared a wonderful introduction for us.

 Making jewelry came down because of my son, he has severe autism. As it turned out, I had to keep myself busy of all the sleepless nights I’ve had. I started repairing some of my jewelry I had laying around. I started down with a few pieces that needed replacing and it I just flew from there.

 It took me a while to get the supplies and the tech to make Belda's bracelets. In the end it was worth it for me. Crafting special one-of-a-kind pieces for everyone is what I enjoy doing.

 Now I still mainly work at night into the silly hours but it is both exciting worth it, especially when I sell pieces that bring others joy. The extra money I receive from my items goes into sensory toys and items to improve my sons life. I love treating him and he deserves the credit as it’s down to him I do this. He is my inspiration and my passion. I feel so fortunate to awake each day thrilled I get to do something I love and it helps my family.

 I look forward to designing even more custom pieces for all my customers – near and far

 I have been into the spiritual side of life from a young age and a solitary wiccan for many years. I love art and design through education and have dabbled in clay work, sewing/dress making, a bit of woodwork, painting, sculptures from recycled parts etc.

 You can find here wares here. As we as her facebook page

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