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At the outset of our November issue I put out a call for a fairy tale-based testimonial. Katelyn Anton answered with a very raw and candid letter, sharing her personal take on the subject. Here is what she shared: From Siren Life Magazine.

 Dearest Friends,

 Welcome and thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

 I am pleased and honored to have accepted an invitation to write my own twist on what inspires me to live out my very own fairy tales in this modern day age.

 First off, I want to say the original fairy tales were written as lessons, morals, warnings, things to help children and adolescents through to their rites of passage, at least that is one of my many opinions. To each their own, right? No way! Most fairy tales read like a coin. Two sides of the story, one evil, one good, good always triumphing evil. Life is not that black and white, life doesn’t always pan out that way. My point is that most fairy tales are completely unrealistic. So I started out with an idea. How could I portray a real life fairy tale in a manner that is both realistic, people will enjoy, I won’t hate, and will teach my kids lessons, morals etc, and still have fun doing it?

 I started by rehabilitating myths, legends, and characters, creatures my children and I adore, then moved to a more challenging note - introducing people to the secondary roles and the characters and creatures unknown that people don’t know about. I wanted to go about this in an unconventional way where it would take people by surprise, and still get the point across, not in a negative way, but, instead, a more positive way. I wanted to destroy every stereotype out there, to get down to the realness of the matters, the very cores of the issues at hand.

 I started with a princess, my favorite ruler, Elizabeth Tudor. She was strong, intelligent, independent, and a benevolent ruler. She never married, which in that day and age was unheard of for a queen. She ruled alone and started a new age, a new ripple we now refer to as The Golden Age. I chose the role of her, because she represented everything I wanted to be as a woman, and more.

 I then moved to faeries. Faeries have a bad reputation for so many different reasons. Some say they are not historically legitimate, while others argue that bards, kings, and well known historians of their time documented them. Some say faeries stole children and replaced them with imps. Some believe that faeries are mean, vindictive and evil, while others believe their presence is lucky, and that they are kind.

 Another trend I have noticed concerns actors and performers playing the role of a fae. Depending on how they portray faerie, and the behaviors they engage in, they can cause spectators to view faeries negatively, often giving the creature, role, and even the actor a bad name.

 I personally like to associate faeries with nature — that is how I present my own personal character. She is a faerie queen whose greatest pleasure is planting trees, cleaning up local lakes and rivers, standing up to bullying, sharing kindness and compassion, and standing against discrimination. It’s a great way to have fun, get important messages and information across, get involved in community, and do productive things, all while teaching my children the lessons I want them to learn in life. I want to inspire myself, my children, and others to be the very best person they can be.

 I then created a mermaid character. Who hasn’t wanted to be a mermaid in one point of their life or another? Mermaids usually represent the ultimate freedom, unless you are Disney. Then you represent the ultimate fantasy placed within a prison of not having what you want. Mermaids are free-spirited, creative, fun and flirty. Or they can be completely on the other side of the spectrum - the lethal and deadly siren, enticing humans to listen to a beautiful song, get shipwrecked, and drown. There is also the myth that with a kiss you believe you are in love, and finally, the myth that mermaids will devour your flesh, bone, and soul. Any person, any role, and character has the ability to be good or evil, to make good or bad choices. An individual’s choice doesn’t define them as a person. A bad choice doesn’t make you incapable of making a good choice, or vice versa.

 This dichotomy can be complex and confusing.

 I am currently creating an original character that is a daughter of a Greek Goddess in ancient times. This character will represent strength, heart, honor, independence, individuality, intelligence, justice, and so much more while adventuring, questing, and doing heroics that you wouldn’t have seen (let alone heard of) a woman doing back then.

 I am inspired to live every day to its fullest while breaking stereotypes — not to prove a point or to be showy, but to do what I want to in life, to let others know it’s okay to be different. The more different, the better is what I always like to say. Live, laugh, love, make mistakes, because it’s part of being human, part of being alive, its part of life. Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself, because being you is amazing. You bring something to your life no one else can, and that is incredibly special. This is my real life fairy tale and I love living it. It allows me to express my utmost creativity while pursuing my ideas, writings and opinions, and sharing them with others.

 I am excited to announce my new line of jewelry. Launched this November 1st and inspired for La Vie Sirene magazine's Fairy Tale issue kickoff party, the new line is called Fairy Tail. It consists of swans, unicorns, owls, and so much more! Please click on the link following to visit my Etsy store online:

 Additionally, I have been blessed to be able to start a project that has been a long time coming, my first ever book project! It is a very special project that is very close to my heart, a book kids & adult will want to read, and cherish. It is about making mistakes and not choosing one particular road, but willing to go down several. The book will be called Avalon Faeries.

 You can always find out what I am up to, where I have been adventuring, photos, comments and so much more at

 Salutations, Katelyn Anton
 — with Rose Faylinn Prettywink Bibbledown Queen Of The Faeries and Katelyn Anton

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