Good Postive Tips

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Something I would like to be straight forward about, and point on:

There is a huge difference between having Renaissance festival podcast awards, and having Renaissance festival awards.

Marc Gunn owns, and has copyright to Renaissance festival podcast awards.
He does not have the term Renaissance festival awards copyrighted, nor does he own the term. No one does, nor should they.

No one has the right to order an order of cease and desist of information, a page, business or anything of the sort if the information  is honest, correct, and you have the proof to back it up. 
In conclusion to blacklist someone because you don't like them, or they did something to make you angry, or a friend of yours started something with ect, ( all examples) is harassment, and will not be tolerated. Not only do you make an enemy, but you also just botched a business move, marketing, got bad publicity, but you also just made competition from someone who will build their own market.

Bullies, People who gang up on a person, page or, cause, threating them or their business when they have no idea the full story, just makes you look like a complete moron on the internet in front of thousands of people. Before you join a cause know the situation.

Tip 1. Always Quote your source.
Tip 2. Always List names in photos.
Tip 3. Always have permission when sharing photos.
Tip 4. Always have proof to back up your claims.
Tip 5. Always be Honest, don't claim to be something, or someone you are not.

I personally like to build bridges, make business relationships, share with people, help people get started, and collect favors without using them.
One of my mottos is kindness to all, ignore and stay away from the negative that serves no purpose. Build healthy relationships that will last, and be fruitful for you and the others involved.
I hope these tips are useful, have a beautiful and blessed day!!

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