Happy Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day everyone!! Many find this as a surprise but some organizations are celebrating April as Earth Month as well, I am one of those organizations.

As I state quite often planting trees, and cleaning up local lakes, parks and rivers are one of my many passions, but there is so much more you can do. Here are tips and suggestions you can do, and remember every little bit counts, there is no job too small, and you are never too small to help.

Get together with your local park, zoo, city planting committee and plant trees, flowers, plants, herbs, or some kind of garden, or you can do your own planting at home.  You can do this anytime of the year it doesn't have to be earth day or earth month to do it.

Pick up garbage along side the road, at a park, zoo, or volunteer to pick up garbage, and recyclables with your favorite organization, or a groups of family and friends.

Adopt a stretch of highway, and keep it clean.

Pick up recyclables in your local neighborhood, for those whom cannot dispose of them properly.

Shut off lights when not in use, use candle light instead of light bulbs.

Walk, or ride a bike, skate, or skate board, roller blade, keep the air clearer. Helps you get your daily exercise, and feel healthier.

Shop for things locally, and organically grown.

Don't let the water run, if its not in use shut it off. You can also wash your laundry on short cycle, and let it line, or hand dry.

Try making and using  compost, helps you, and the earth.

Most things can always be turned into something else. Even big things such as tire, toilets, washer machines, and cars. There are endless possibilities. I will post photos of ideas on for all ages faeriequeenrose.com

When shopping take re-useable shopping bags. Cuts down on the amount of plastic, and paper ones.

Say a prayer for the earth, and thank it for its bountiful goods, and support our lives.

Have a blessed Earth Day, <3 Queen Rose of Faeries For Nature

Photo and idea done by www.recyclart.org

Photo by by Diane Pham and more information can be found at inhabitat.com

Photo and more information can be found at www.photoswinprizes.com

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