THEIF ALERT,, has stolen designs, photos, color concepts, exact detail concepts, she even made her theme the same, and even made their website to look like Janene DuCharme, of Miami Beach Mermaids @ Janene made my tail quite some time ago and we have been friends ever since. She works incredibly hard. What makes things worse is its her own sister in law that stole from her. Janene taught her everything she knows, she used to work for her in fact. Which makes the betrayal all the more gruesome.

The photos she has on her website are of Janene's own daughters, the photos are not her own.

She also has a video on her website of a performance being done with tails Janene made for the performance.

To put insult to injury by the video it says Why Buy from Miami Beach Mermaids? All of her wording and text is copy and pasted, from Miami Beach Mermaids website, and then small parts are tweaked to try and hide that it is not her own.

She has asked multiple, and many many times for her to change it, take it down and not to copy, and has informed that legal action will be taken.

No one no matter who you are or what you make deserves to have their products, or designs stolen.

What makes your design special is that it is yours, and original. You can do so much better, and everyone has something to offer that someone else doesn't that makes them special.

When contacted to ask about why she chose to copy Janene's designs, and website she was rude.

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