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Her Majesty Faerie Queen Rose Faylinn Prettywink Bibbledown
1) Please introduce yourself

I am Queen Rose Faylinn Prettywink Bibbledown - Queen Of The Faeries
I am affiliated with Big Sky Renaissance Faire, Yellowstone Art Museum, Zoo Mt, The Colorado Renaissance Faire, as well as several other groups, and boards https://www.facebook.com/RoseFaylinnPrettywinkBibbledownQueenOfTheFairies

2) How many people are in your group?

It is just me, but there are always so many wonderful willing people at the faires who help organize and make sure our events go smooth.
3) When did you start performing at Renaissance Faire or what inspired you to perform at Renaissance Faires?

I started while I was in High school and college, I started modeling for various companies, and I went to a Renaissance faire, they thought I was part of the cast, due to my outfit, and performance, and I walked away that night contracted, I did the different fairs all over until I had children, I took a break to focus on my family , and recently got back into it 2 years ago now, I love it even more now than I did then. I am always inspired by the grounds, the people, everyone smiling, all the different costumes, and wares, the music, everything about a Renaissance faire is Inspiring, It so cultural, and so Diverse, you never know what to expect, but you can always expect to have fun, and get swept off your feet. Most of All I just always want to do my best, and top every performance I ever do, I love to make people smile, I want to make sure everyone has a time they will always remember.

4) Where is your home faire?
That depends how you view it, the first Faire I ever did was The Minnesota Renaissance Faire, I had to travel for that one, The Colorado Renaissance I also did that year, I was living in Colorado for 15 years, that Is what I call my home faire, however I did move to Montana 6 years ago, and Have been doing the Billing Shire Festival and Highland Games for the last 3 years, and That is where I live.

5) What would you say to someone just starting out in this business?

I get asked this question a lot, I tell People To do their very best, but don't forget to breathe, There is no such thing as Failure, and everything is a learning experience, Smile, Have fun, try not to stress as much as you can, If you can't do is this year, feature it next year, Don't procrastinate, get as much local involvement as you can, No idea is a bad idea, do trial and error tests before your festival so see how you like it, Dream big, dream small, just dream, dream, dream!

6) How do you prepare for an act or show?
I start with practice Of my natural Irish voice, which I am very proud of! Then I start with acting out every scenario possible, Smiling, waving. Then comes the hard part, practicing walking, dancing, in my dresses, they are large, fluffy and have a lot of material to them, takes a lot of practice not to trip in my gowns, of course there is the picking of which gown shall I wear, That is almost the hardest part, they are all do pretty. My favorite part is the shopping for my fairy dust, and wishing stones, and making the fairy dust necklaces and earrings I make. When It comes time for the show I just tell myself to breathe and Have fun, and not to forget to drink water, and apply lots of sunblock

7 ) Have you faced criticism and if so how have you handled it?

Actually no, but yes, My husband gives me constructive criticism quite often, sometimes it helps me to look at something in another perspective I might not have, it also has given me other ideas, and strategies on ways to do things in a manner I hadn't have thought of, I like seeing things through others eyes, its very enlightening.

8) Where are you performing next?

 I will Be performing at The Arizona faire, then Colorado Faire, Big Sky Hamilton Faire, Billingshire Faire, Back to Colorado, and then Minnesota

9) Plug your website/fan page here
This is just my facebook faerie site, I am working on a webpage that should be done by next year

10) What is your favorite Part of a Faire?
Making the children, and People smile, reading, and telling them stories and adventures, giving out faerie stones, Inspiring the impossible and hearing the laughter
I also happen to get distracted by all the shiny objects, wares, and baubles, and yummy food.

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