Alright the announcement everyone has been waiting for!!!

 Lynn Boughey author of Mission to Chara, and his newest book Harry Potter and the Art of Spying, has personally chosen three of my owl designs to not only have his entire team of staff wear, but commissioned and contracted me to make quite a big order to have at Leaky Con 2014 to have along side his newest book. The book launches 9-6-14 at the Spy Museum.

 He has also graciously offered me a copy of both of his books. I am really excited to read them both. His co author is a retired CIA agent. It will make for an interesting & exciting book.

 They have created a fantastic little Newspaper called The Leaky Prophet, and even more fantastical Owl button. If you want to see if contact me with your email address and I will email the pdf file to you.

 I was also personally invited to Leaky Con 2014 which I thought was one of the most amazing things ever. Anyone who knows me knows I love to travel.

 For those who don't know Leaky Con is only the biggest Harry Potter convention In the United States.

 To have my designs associated with their book is an incredible honor & opportunity. I am now associated with another genre for fans too. I keep getting emails from Harry Potter fans begging me for my owl designs as well as asking me what is next.

 He also took it upon himself to have people preorder my designs at Leaky Con 2014. Fantastic idea right? He doesn't even want a commission or anything.

 I also have the chance to have my designs sit next to his book at a museum here in Montana.

 He was completely enthralled with my designs at Montana Renfest. We only met for a moment while I was returning to my booth after one of my shows, but leaving to go to my next performance . I was able to shake his hand, and give him one of my cards. He had bought me out of all the owls I had at the time. He contacted me the very next day with all of the details.

 But it goes to show how special and how powerful meeting someone can be. Its a great opportunity for me both personally, and business wise. To be part of something this big feels incredible.

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