With A Hopeful Heart

Let us help another mend their wings, and lend a hand to those suffering from those who's heart are filled with hate.

 Lonness Valenna is a trans woman who attended the Seattle PrideFest as a fairy godmother, in order to bring some smiles to the children's faces at the parade. She found herself the victim of hate and prejudice, when a man assualted her and broke her Fancy Fairy Teasel wings. This page is for donations to provide her with a new set of fairy wings so she can continue to brighten people's day. Below is the statement from Seattle PrideFest:
 " At the Parade on Sunday, around 11:25am, a man "with a beer belly and a black vest" took a swipe at a trans* self-proclaimed fairy godmother's wings and broke them, telling her to go away, that this was a day for "his" people. We at Seattle PrideFest for one won't claim him as our own. We are one community and if you believe that there shouldn't be a T in LGBT, then your presence at Pride negates the whole purpose of Pride. It'd be better for you to just stay home. Let's leave the bigotry, homophobia, and transphobia to Westboro and their hateful cohorts. We are stronger together than we are apart, and our trans* family faces enough bigotry from the outside world--they shouldn't have to get it from our own community. If you have more information or photos from this incident, please send to info@seattlepridefest.org. "

Photo Credit Nate Gowdy , and Article Credit to Seattle PrideFest.

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