Play Live Nation Review

While out an about today with the kids we went to a place called PLAY LIVE NATION, its located at 1595 Grand Ave Suite 225, Billings, Mt 59102. Its a brand new facility where you can go to play any, and all video games! Its fun, fresh, and affordable for the entire family. They actually encourage the family package where you can sit down and all game together! They have 28 X- Box 1 stations complete with comfortable reclining chairs. The kids sat down to play Minecraft, while I tried out Elder Scrolls Online both on the X- Box 1, we had a blast. the stuff were incredibly uber generous with the time given to us to play.They have accessories, snacks, t shirts, and more for sale. You can play table top games, board games, and even book events and parties! they really have the full package and more! They have many different memberships to choose from, including and after school membership program (keep in mind they are not a daycare) with all the bells, whistles, and extras. They were incredibly informational when I asked about their products and services, and didn't hesitate to give me more information. After we were done playing I asked them if they would pose for selfies and allow me to do a blog interview and they were thrilled! Look forward to that being up later tonight! Its local fun for everyone including small children, the owners, and staff are incredibly friendly. My son forgot his teddy bear, and the owner came running out to give it to us! I urge you to go in and try it, because you are going to love it. Support your local gaming hub, and new awesome hangout spot!

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