Dragon Eggs

I have made dragon eggs for a very long time, but have spent since 2012 to present polishing my jewelry skills. Recently I have had the chance to get back to making dragon eggs again. These will be new to my Etsy shop, Scott's Marketplace shop too, they will also be available for custom ordering, you will be able to purchase these from me at local events too. Here is a sample of the eggs I have been working on lately.

 Finished Large green egg has over 1250 scales.

These eight need one last coat of paint, and then lacquer.

This egg has 300 scales. Needs one last coat of paint, and then lacquer.

This is a mint green egg with sparkles, it is completed. 

 I went with bold pastel color choices for these two. With a beautiful satin gloss for extra shine.

These three are part of my glitter metallic line! Bold color choices with     glitter and gloss for a shimmer and shine!

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